Angel Brown, FNP

Family Medicine

About Angel Brown, FNP

Delving deep into the heart of primary care, Angel Brown is not just any Family Nurse Practitioner. A proud alumnus of Francis Marion University, class of 2020, her academic prowess has been seamlessly integrated into real-world applications, resulting in heartfelt and holistic patient care. Joining the Colonial family in October 2021, Angel has since been a beacon of hope, expertise, and genuine compassion.

Beyond her professional commitments, Angel cherishes moments of laughter and connection with family and friends. She believes that nurturing relationships is as pivotal as nursing the body. For Angel, primary care is not just a job but a calling, where each patient interaction is an opportunity to heal, educate, and bond. When she isn’t diving deep into medical journals or upgrading her skills, you’ll find her creating memories with loved ones, emphasizing the importance of balance in every facet of life.

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